9/8/2023 – Football Game Away vs. Woodridge

Purchase Tickets for the Game

To purchase tickets for the game, please follow this link to the Woodridge Athletic website. Scroll down to the “HS Football” portion and select the 9/8/2023 event.

Tickets can also be purchased at the gate in cash.


4440 Quick Road, Peninsula, OH 44264

Band’s Schedule

  • Leadership Meeting – 4:20pm
  • Call Time – 4:40pm
    • Section leaders report attendance and flip folders to Breanna – please check that each person in your section has their flip folder with the stand tunes in it. Everyone MUST have their flip folder in the stands.
  • Stuff to Trailer – 4:45pm
    • See the list below for details
  • Load Trailer – 4:50pm
  • Put Uniform on – 4:55pm
  • Uniform Inspection in seats in Band room – 5:25pm
  • Load Bus – 5:30pm
  • Depart CHS – 5:35pm
  • Arrive at Woodridge – 6:10pm
  • In Stands to watch Pregame – 6:35pm
  • Game – 7:00pm
  • Arrive to CHS (Approx.) – 10:30pm
    • I will send a remind to confirm our arrival time when we are about 25 minutes away from CHS

“Stuff” that Goes to the Trailer

  • All trailer instruments
  • Speaker and Stand
  • All Pit Equipment for Halftime – Place neatly in front of fence by the stands
  • All Flip Folders
  • Drum Stands
  • Field Commander Ladder
  • Cooler full of water and ice
    • We will give each band member a bottle of water as we stretch/warm up in parade block before marching to the stadium. Please wait to take the cooler to the stadium until after this.
  • Plumes


Includes: Dinkles (they must be clean), black socks (calf/knee high without other markings), athletic shorts, Gray 2023 Band T-shirt, Uniform Pants, Uniform Jacket, shako (hat), and black gloves (will be provided on Friday). Additionally, your hair should be neatly up so that it can fit inside the shako. If you’re not sure, ask a veteran member. Piercings need to be removed, replaced with something clear, or covered with a skin colored bandage. Bandanas, sunglasses, etc. are not a part of the uniform and points and/or 3rd quarter free time will be lost for not wearing the correct uniform. Once your uniform is on, it is to stay completely on unless a director tells you otherwise, this includes the shako and gloves.

Guard, Mr. Ballog will communicate with you about uniform expectations.

Grade/3rd Quarter Freedom/Performance Eligibility

Please note, you do received a grade for marching band performances and rehearsals. Your grade is a reflection of you being present, on time, in the correct uniform, having all required things for the performance/rehearsal, and having your music checked off. Failure to do any of those things will result in the loss of points for your grade, 3rd quarter freedom privileges, and/or performance eligibility.

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