Middle School Bands

Hello and welcome the the Coventry Middle School Band Page! 

Below you will find a PDF of our band hand book, an online version of the band contract, and a list of the year’s performances.

Please feel free to email any questions to Mrs. Beth Lewis at blewis@coventryschools.org.




 Online Handbook Contract


Date Day Performance Time Location Ensemble
9/17/2019 Tuesday 8th grade Rehearsal with Marching band 2:30- 4:00 PM TBA 8th Grade Band
9/20/2019 Friday Middle School Band Night TBA Stadium 8thGrade Band
11/21/2019 Thursday 7/8 Band and Choir Holiday Concert 7:00 PM CMS 7th and 8th Grade Band and Choir
12/10/2019 Tuesday 6th Band and 5/6 Choir Holiday Concert 7:00 PM CMS 6th Grade Band, 5th and 6th Choir
1/17/2020 Friday Band Laser Tag 11:00 PM Fairlawn Optional 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Bands
4/18/2020 Saturday OMEA Solo and Ensemble TBA Kent Optional 7th, 8th Grade
5/7/2020 Thursday 7-12 Band Spring Concert 7:00 PM HS Theater 7th, 8th, and HS Bands
5/14/2020 Thursday   5/6 Band and Choir Spring Concert 7:00 PM CMS 5th and 6th Grade Band and Choir
5/11/2020 Saturday CometStock TBA HS Theater Pep Band


Check out these recording of our new songs!

8th Grade Band

Anthem of Liberty


7th Grade Band


As I Gaze From High Mountain