Band Auditions – Final Annoucement

Good Morning Band Family!

I hope everyone is still doing well and had success with packet pick up yesterday. I am told that it was busy as both buildings, so I hope that everyone was able to get their needed materials.

I am reaching out this morning with one final announcement about High School Band Auditions. As of right now, we have 38 people signed up to play an audition. This number is not a true representation of how many people will be auditioning for the bands.

With that being said, I am extending the sign-up deadline to tomorrow April 4th at 3p. PLEASE take a few minutes of the next day to sign-up for an audition time. These auditions are very low key and low stress. They are not to “weed out” or “eliminate” anyone from the band program. They are a way for me to see the level of each of our ensembles, they allow me to pick out appropriate music, and they help with initial chair placements. They also serve as a nice way to help with part assignments for marching band.

Again… these auditions are mandatory! People not required to audition at this time are: percussionists and students who share a school owned instrument (and do not have it with them). ALL others should plan and prepare for an audition. High schoolers – some of you should have means to play other instruments (such as marching baritones). We have very few people at the high school who share, so you should be all set to audition. 8th Graders – I realize this might not be the case for you, so we will make it work!

The audition process will consist of: one major scale, a prepared piece, and a sight reading piece that I will release closer to the auditions.

Here is a link to the form that will need filled out…

The first tab is a sheet for private lessons. If you’d like some feedback on your practice and preparation, please sign up for a lesson! It would be great to see all of you. For now, limit yourself to one lesson per week. I want to make sure people have the chance to sign up. The second tab is the page that everyone needs to choose an audition time. As of right now, every day has multiple times available. Please choose one that best fits your schedule.

Some people have expressed concerns and issues about signing up. This form is able to be edited by anyone who received this link. If you’re having issues on your phone, please try to access it on a computer. Also, you may need to download the Google Sheets app to edit. I have used forms like this for a while and they are a great way to connect during times like this. It may just require a little extra help and assistance. Unfortunately, I will be unavailable to answer sign-up questions over the next day. If you have questions, please reach out to one of the people you see signed up (it’s so great to see 8th graders and current high schoolers on this list). Please do not wait until the last minute to do things. I was receiving messages and emails at 11p last evening about how to sign-up. While we as teachers love to help and often make ourselves available around the clock, you’ll find that your peers and friends can be a great help. That’s part of what makes the band such an awesome family!

If your name does not appear on the sign-up sheet tomorrow by 3p, I will be assigning you a time. My hope is that this email and the deadline extension will allow more of you to sign-up for a time of your choosing. I want this to be convenient for you!

If you need access to the audition music, please use this link…

This final note is for current high schoolers only…

The Home Learning Packet for high school bands will remain the same for the remainder of the year. If you picked up a packet at CHS yesterday, that will carry you through over the next weeks. Please feel free to ask questions about any of these assignments. But as mentioned before, don’t wait until the last minute to ask. You are certainly welcome to work ahead, and you can do your video recordings as part of your practice sessions. My main goal over this time away is to keep you playing your instrument. The best way to become a better musician is to play – play – play. I promise this will help!

Packets will remain available at CHS for those who need them. They are also available on the band website.

Please continue to care for yourselves and your loved ones in the upcoming weeks. Stay healthy and remain as positive as possible. This is a very unique and challenging time for all of us. But if we continue to stick together and look after one another… we shall overcome! Much love to all of you!

– Mr. Welker

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