Coventry Local Schools – Bands in the Round (3/16/2023)

The Coventry Local Schools Instrumental Music Department is proud to present the 2023 Bands in the Round Concert on Thursday, March 16th 2023 at 6:30pm in the CHS gymnasium. This concert will showcase all of the instrumental music ensembles from CMS and CHS, grades 5-12. It will be an incredible concert and we hope you will join us.

Student Info and Reminders

Students have previously received this information and were asked to bring it home. If the information did not make it home, hopefully this is helpful.

Students should arrive to the HS gym and be in their seats by 6:00pm. Please enter door 11 between the HS gym and the stadium. The concert begins at 6:30pm. High School students will use the band room as their space to place their things and instrument cases. Middle school students will place their things in the auxiliary gym right next to the gym. There will be parents at the entrance of door 11 to help direct students and parents to the correct places.

A reminder that this is a mandatory/required performance and students will earn a grade for this concert. The expectation and attendance policy for this and other concerts is outlined in the handbook/paperwork filled out at the beginning of the school year. Students will be expected to stay for the entirety of the concert to see the other groups perform and perform in a mass band performance at the end.


The required uniform for high school students is: black shoes, black socks, black pants, black top (preferably long sleeve). The required uniform for middle school students is: black shoes, black socks, black pants, black or white top (preferably long sleeve).

If a dress or skirt is being worn, dark leggings or tights should be worn as well. All uniforms must conform to the school dress code or students will be asked to change.

Bake Sale to Follow

Finally, the Band Parents Association is putting together a bake sale for after the concert. Bring some cash to enjoy a treat following the concert.

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