Football Game 9/23/22 – Away @ Norton


The location listed on Coventry Athletics website is: 1 Panther Way, Norton OH 44203


You can purchase tickets for this event here:


  • Call Time – 5:15pm
  • “Stuff” to Trailer – 5:20pm
    • See list below for details
  • Put Uniform on
  • Uniform Inspection in Seats – 5:40pm
  • Depart CHS – 5:50pm
  • Arrive at Norton – 6:10pm
  • In stands to watch pregame- 6:40pm
  • Game Starts: 7:00pm
  • Approx. Return to School: 10:30pm

“Stuff” that Goes on the Trailer

  • Speaker and Stand
  • All Pit Equipment for Halftime
  • Cymbal Bags (with Cymbals in them)
  • All Flip Folders (in large bags by section)
  • Drum Stands
  • Field Commander Ladders
  • Cooler full of water and ice – Chaperones
  • Med Bag – chaperones (this should travel with us the entire evening)
  • Plumes – chaperones

Bus Rules and Considerations

  • Always listen to the bus driver, chaperones and Directors
  • There she be zero noise at a railroad crossing
  • No food or drink should be consumed on the bus
  • Guys should be sitting with guys and girls with girls. Additionally, couples should not be sitting together on the bus.
  • If the bus ride is longer, your uniform jacket may come off. It should NEVER touch the ground of the bus or be hanging out the window. If you jacket is off, it should be back on as soon as we are pulling into the away high school.
  • DO NOT get off the bus until you are instructed to do so by a director.
  • You should be in full uniform before you get off the bus.
  • Don’t leave valuable personal belongings on the bus as there is no guarantee the bus locks and there may not always be someone with the bus. We will also not be carrying bags into the stadium.


We will wear the full uniform for this game. This includes: Dinkles (they must be clean), black socks (calf/knee high without other markings), athletic shorts, Black 2022 Band T-shirt, Uniform Pants, Uniform Jacket, shako (hat), and black gloves (will be provided on Friday). Additionally, your hair should be neatly up so that it can fit inside the shako. If you’re not sure, ask a veteran member. Piercings need to be removed, replaced with something clear, or covered with a skin colored bandage. Bandanas, sunglasses, etc. are not a part of the uniform and points and/or 3rd quarter free time will be lost for not wearing the correct uniform. Once your uniform is on, it is to stay completely on unless a director tells you otherwise, this includes the shako and gloves.

Guard, Mr. Ballog will communicate with you about uniform expectations.

Grade/3rd Quarter Freedom/Performance Eligibility

Please note that you do received a grade for marching band performances and rehearsals. Your grade is a reflection of you being present, on time, in the correct uniform, and having all required things for the performance/rehearsal. Failure to do any of those things will result in the loss of points for your grade, 3rd quarter freedom privileges, and/or performance eligibility.

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