August 12th 2022 Scrimmage Schedule


Call Time – 6:00pm

Everything to the Stadium/Stands – 6:25pm

  • Drum Stands
  • Med Kit
  • Main Speaker and Stand
  • Cooler full of water
  • Trash Bags
  • NOTE: You should keep your flip folder with you to use when we perform at 6:45. We will be performing our halftime show at 6:45pm. If you have a separate flip folder for stand tunes and pregame, that flip folder can go into the stands at this time.

Parade Block and Warm-up – 6:35pm

Perform – 6:45pm

End Time (Approx.) – 8:30pm


The band’s uniform for this event will be the same as what we used for our parent/community Preview performance:

Black Band Shoes, Black Socks, Black Shorts, and the Grey 2022 Band T-shirt. Hair longer than shoulder length will need to be pulled up above the shoulders; make-up should be minimal (as if in full uniform); and piercings should be removed, replaced with something clear, or covered with a skin colored bandage.

As aways, please let me know if you have any questions!

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