Coventry High School Marching Band 2022 is Beginning!


Please join the remind groups if you have not done so already. This is will be a main source of communication throughout the season.

2022-2023 Marching Band Remind

2023 Disney Trip Remind

FinalForms – Emergency Medical Form and Physical

All students must have the Emergency Medical Form completed on FinalForms by their first day of band rehearsal. In addition to the Emergency Medical Form, it is a new requirement that all band students must have an up-to-date (completed within the last 13 months) Physical to participate. The Physical should be up-to-date throughout the entirety of the band season (beginning of November 2022). The physical will need to be submitted on FinalForms as well!

Google Form

Many students filled this out before leaving last school year, but some still have not, please complete this Google Form so I have all the necessary contact information for the season. Thank you!


Please see the Schedule of Events page on this website if you have questions about the schedule.

Leadership Team and Rookies report on July 12th and 14th 8am-11am.

Everyone in band reports beginning on July 18th 8am-12pm.

All rehearsals and performances on the calendar are required. Missing any of them may impact the students grade and/or performance eligibility. With that said, I understand that conflicts will happen. I ask that conflicts are communicated with directors ASAP and the Absence Request Form is completed as soon is the absence is known of.

Donations Needed

1. Water Bottles

It would help immensely if we had some donations as we begin the season. We ask that students bring their own water bottle, but it is always best if we have some extras available.

2. Sunscreen

Sunburn is never good! SPF 30+ sunscreen would be a great help!

3. Snacks

Students should always eat a healthy meal before band rehearsals/performances, but in the case someone forgets, it would be helpful to have some snacks on hand. Think granola bars, gummies, etc.

If you would like to donate, we ask that you send it in with your student or drop it off at the band room prior to band rehearsals. Thank you so much for your donation!

Band Fees

The below PDF explains the fees for students in band this season. Please know that we re-worked the fees over the winter and while they are still a significant amount of money, we have tried to make sure that all of the money collected in fees will go directly back to the student and the student’s experience in band.

Marci Weisbarth, the Coventry Band Parents Treasurer, will be sending out invoices shortly. All payment will go through her and should not be turned in to a director. Marci can be reached at or PO Box 19205 Akron, OH 44319

Student Needs and Reminders for Summer Rehearsals

Everyone needs their own Flip Folder and lyre to hold music and drill. Students should get this before rehearsals begin. They can be purchased from any music store and many online retailers. Please be careful to purchase the lyre that fits your instrument as they are not all the same.

All band students will need a pair of Marching/Uniform Shoes. The shoes we use are “Dinkles” Glide Marching Shoe in Black – Style # 407. I would recommend going to Taylor Band and purchasing them from there. They are used to Coventry students purchasing them. Student should have these shoes before pictures on August 9th.

Everyone in the band will need a pair of black shorts for the parent preview performance on August 5th.

Guard members will need uniform shoes as well. Guard members will need “Dinkles” Spin Frontline Shoe in Black – Style # 207. I would recommend going to Taylor Band and purchasing them from there. They are used to Coventry students purchasing them. Student should have these shoes before pictures on August 9th.

Everyone will need to bring their instrument/flag/whatever equipment went home over the summer. We will need it as we begin rehearsals!

As we begin band, please remember these things: get plenty of sleep, eat well (including breakfast before rehearsals), drink plenty of water throughout the day (bring your own water every day!), wear sunscreen, and wear appropriate clothing (including athletic shoes). Doing all of these things will ensure that you and all of us remain as healthy as possible. In band we rely on everyone being present and able to work hard in order to be successful.

I am very excited to begin this season and look forward to seeing you all in the next week or two! As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Go Comets!

Mr. Cummings

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