Students from Symphonic Band excluding seniors and excluding a couple percussionists, will be performing at the Coventry High School 2022 Graduation Ceremony on Thursday 5/26/2022. In preparation for the ceremony, the students will also attend the graduation practice in the morning on Thursday 5/26/22. Transportation for the day will be provided from the school to the John S. Knight Center where the Ceremony will take place. The uniform for the evening Ceremony is all black.

For those students participating in Graduation Band here is the schedule for the day:

Morning Practice/Rehearsal

Students to band room – 8:15am

Pack Truck – 8:20am

Bus leaves – 8:30am

Arrive at Knight Center – 8:50am

Set up and ready to play – 9:10am

Rehearsal finished (Approx.) – 11:00am

Back to school (Approx.) – 11:20am

Evening Ceremony

Call Time to the band room – 4:15pm

On the bus – 4:30pm

Arrive at Knight Center – 4:50pm

In Seats and Warm-up – 5:00pm

Finish Warm-up and in seats before doors open – 5:25pm

Ceremony Begins – 6:00pm

Ceremony Finished (Approx) – 7:30pm

Pack Truck/Load Bus – 7:45

Approx. Arrival to Coventry – 8:10pm

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