9/25 – The University of Akron OMEA Competition


Here is the schedule for our OMEA competition at The University of Akron on 0/25/2021

  • Report Time: 7:30am
  • Stuff to Curb: 7:35am
  • Get Uniform on/pack truck(s): 7:35am
  • Uniform on: 8:10am
  • Depart: 8:20pm
  • Travel Time: 20 min.
  • Arrive at UA: 8:45am
  • Restrooms and Unload: 8:50am
  • Meet Host: 9:15am
  • Warm-up: 9:30am
  • Leave Warm-up: 10:15am
  • At Gate: 10:30am
  • Perform: 10:45am
  • Awards: 2:15pm
  • Depart: 3:15pm
  • Approximate arrive back to school: 3:30pm


All patrons attending the show will be directed to park in Lot 1 (parking deck adjacent to Route 8 &
Buchtel Ave.), Lot 2 or Lot 13 – $5 per car. Additional parking is available in Lot 8 (the Tailgate Lots
for $10 per car. Please see the below map. For those needing accessibility, please direct them to Lot 6,
which is immediately behind the press-box side of the stadium off Exchange Street on South Union

There are also driving recommendations at the bottom of the following map. Please note, the Akron Marathon is being run this same morning. The direction given below, take into account the road closures. Trying to get to the university from a route other than the highway may cause you to be late due to road closures for the marathon.


Tickets for all patrons will be $8 (children 5 and under enter for free) and Show Programs are $1 each. The ticket office and stadium will open at 9:30 a.m. and the UA Ticket Office is located on the southwest corner of the stadium (Gate 1: can be located on the above map under “Parking”). This will also be the only gate available for patrons to enter the show. When walking from the parking areas, proceed east on Vine (north side of the stadium) or Exchange (south side of the stadium) to Gate 1. Patrons will not be allowed entry via Gate 2 as this is the entry and exit for performers, chaperones, and staff.


A concession stand will be open on the west side of the stadium (under the press box). You are welcome to purchase food from there, but I would keep in mind that prices as college stadiums are high.

Complete Show Schedule

Please let me know if you have any questions about the above information.

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