8/27/21 Football Game (H) vs. Carrollton

Schedule for Band

  • Report 5:30pm
  • Stuff to Stadium 5:35pm
    • Stuff: Flip Folder, Rain Coat (TBD), Drum Stand, Pit Equipment, Podiums & Ladder (AKA: Everything needed for the game but not for Pregame. No book bags in the stands)
  • Get Uniform on 5:45pm
  • Uniform on 6:10pm
  • Uniform Check 6:15pm
  • Warm-up 6:20pm
  • March to Stadium 6:35pm
  • Pregame 6:45pm
  • Game time 7pm
  • Approx. End Time: 10pm

Reminders for Students

  • Long, knee high block socks with no other colors or symbols on them
  • Matching black band shoes
  • Black Gloves (the same pair you used last game. You should clean them if they need it, and bring money to buy another pair if you lost them already. If I remember correctly, they are $3)
  • Grey T-shirt under the uniform
  • No baggy pants, jeans, hoodies, etc under the uniform
  • Long hair should be neatly put up so it can fit under the hat and stay up once the hat is taken off
  • Piercings need to be removed, and if they can’t be removed, they need to be clear studs
  • No jewelry (watches, necklaces, rings etc)
  • Make-up should be kept to a minimum
  • Uniform ALWAYS stays completely on unless a director tells you otherwise
  • Treat the uniform with respect.
    • The band uniforms are very expensive and we need them to last as long a possible. Treating them with respect is key to making them last and keep the band looking its best.
  • No bookbags or bags of any kind in the stands
  • Bring money for 3rd quarter snacks if you would like


We hope you will come to the game and support the band, cheerleaders, and football team. Remember that parents/family should not be hanging around or in the stands where the band is seated during the game.

Last I heard, Mrs. Becker was still looking for volunteers to work in the concession stand. If you are able to help with this, please contact her to let her know.

Ms. Anderson will be at the school after practice on 8/26 and during the game 8/27. She will have t-shirts that were ordered to pass out. Additionally, she will be able to answer questions about or collect band fee payments. Your student, if fees are still owed for them, was sent home with an invoice from the Band Parent Association today (8/25). Please ask your student for this form if they have not already given it to you.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

Mr. Cummings

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