8/20/21 Football Game @ Marlington

The first football game of the season takes place this Friday, August 20th 2021.

Band Schedule

4:40pm – Report
4:50pm – Stuff to Curb & Section Leaders get uniforms
4:50pm-5:25pm – Everyone besides trailer crew get uniform on
5:20pm – Truck/Trailer Loaded
5:20pm-5:25pm – Trailer Crew Put Uniform on & join uniform check
5:25pm – Uniform Check
5:35pm – Load Buses
  * Must wear a mask on the bus (School Rules)
        * Double Check you have Full Uniform, Instrument, Music, Etc.
5:40pm – Buses Depart HS
6:20pm – Arrive at Marlington
6:35pm – Unload & in seats
7:00pm – Game time
10:30pm – Approx. Return to School
      * Will send remind when we are headed home

Students – Reminders


  • Long, knee high block socks with no other colors or symbols on them
  • Matching black band shoes
  • Gloves (one pair will be given to you Friday 8/20)
  • Grey T-shirt under the uniform
  • No baggy pants, jeans, hoodies, etc under the uniform
  • Long hair should be neatly put up so it can fit under the hat and stay up once the hat is taken off
  • Piercings need to be removed, and if they can’t be removed, they need to be clear studs
  • No jewelry (watches, necklaces, rings etc)
  • Make-up should be kept to a minimum
  • Uniform ALWAYS stays completely on unless a director tells you otherwise
  • Treat the uniform with respect. The band uniforms are very expensive and we need them to last as long a possible. Treating them with respect is key to making them last and keep the band looking its best.

Other Things

  • Bring money for 3rd quarter. You are welcome to buy snacks and drinks from the concession.
  • You must have your flip folder with you. With stand tunes in it!


You are welcome and encouraged to come to the game and support the football team and the band! To attend the game, purchase tickets on your own, and travel to the game. We will perform in the stands throughout the game (excluding 3rd quarter), and during half time.

Parents, families, and friends will not be permitted to hang out in the stands with the band. We are at the game to serve our community, our school, and our team. We are “at work” throughout the game and the students need to be focused on doing that job. Thank you for understanding.

If you are someone who has signed up and been assigned as a chaperone, details will come from Mellisa Dempsey and/or Janice Becker.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know and I will get an answer for you. The students of the Coventry Band are working incredibly hard and I can’t wait for them to have the opportunity to perform for our community and communities around ours. Go Comets!

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