Concert Day Info

6p – Jazz and Funk
7:30p – Concert and Symphonic

All audience members will need a ticket to enter the performance. Students received those earlier this week. In order to meet capacity guidelines, band members will not be permitted to watch the concert in the theater. The concert will be live streamed and this will be shown in the band room so the students can watch their peers perform. If someone could bring their personal laptop (NOT a school Chrome Book) to the concert tonight, that would be very helpful. My computer will be used to generate the live steam, so I will need to borrow someone’s to show the feed.

Students should report to the band room 30 minutes before the start of their concert. Please don’t play in the band room (until we all play as a group). The sound will carry into the theater, and I don’t want performances to be interrupted.

Remember to wear ALL black. Seniors – dress nice! Keep in mind that ensembles look better when less skin is showing.

Let’s have a great performance and make some musical memories together!

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