Updates – 11/18/20

Good afternoon all:

I wanted to reach out regarding some very important information. Unfortunately, we are going to be cancelling our Holiday Concert and all after school rehearsals. Many students/families have reached out regarding safety concerns, conflicts, quarantines preventing attendance, and other issues that will prevent us from having a successful performance and preparation for the performance.

I am EXTREMELY sorry to have to do this. Like all performances, I was very much looking forward to showing off the hard work of the ensembles. This was certainly not an easy decision, but with 3-4 hours of rehearsal time left and more than half of the ensemble members having to miss… it was the appropriate choice.

The music department is hopeful to bring back performances in the very near future. Please continue to stay safe, wear a mask, practice social distancing, refrain from mass gatherings, and listen to what officials are saying so we can put a sooner end to this pandemic that is crippling the arts.


Mr. Welker

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