*Marching Band in July*

Hello Band Family:

I hope this message finds you healthy and well.

After hearing the announcement made by Governor DeWine on July 15th, I have decided to postpone the start of marching band till August 3rd.

While the Governor’s message didn’t ask organizations or businesses to shut down, I feel that it is the best interest of the students and staff. Our band family needs to remain healthy, intact, and strong.

My hope is that we will have more guidance from our state officials over the next weeks that will allow us to proceed as planned. For now, having less students in contact with each other over long periods of time will help to decrease any potential issues.

The band staff recognizes how a loss of rehearsal time will affect the season, however… safety and health are imperative.

While I know this message will upset many of you, I hope that you can understand the reason for this change. I feel that we will learn much more about the virus and what way our state is heading over the next week or even days.

Also, keep in mind that we will not have building access until August 3rd. With excessive temperatures and chances of thunderstorms over the next few weeks, we would be running band on a day to day schedule. My hope is that this revised schedule will allow families to have a more concrete schedule.

For now… please stay safe, wear a mask, practice your instruments, practice social distancing, and let’s do our part to make an impact on the spread of Coronavirus. We are strong. We will get through this!

See you in August!


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