Pre Season Announcement and Update

Hello Band Families:

Please read this announcement thoroughly and review the attached forms/video.

Next week our 2020 Marching Band season begins! Tuesday, July 14th, and Thursday, July 16th, will be our Rookie Camps. These practices will allow our staff and leaders to get to know the rookies and will give them a head start to the season. These dates have been on the calendar and will remain as scheduled.

Starting on Monday, July 20th, we have “Full Band” Rehearsals scheduled from 8am – noon. Due to restrictions in place with the Three Phase System (a maximum of 50 students), we will be needing to adjust these rehearsals.

Our hope is to be able to have full band in August, but for the weeks of July 20 – 25 and July 27 – 31 the schedule will be as follows…

            8am – 9:45am = Woodwinds and Pit Percussion

            10:15am – Noon = Brass and Battery Percussion

Field Commanders – you should be present for ALL rehearsals

Percussionists – please go over the initial percussion assignments listed at the bottom of this email.

Color Guard – more information will be coming your way soon. You do not need to report to any rehearsals at this time.

Plan on arriving to rehearsal approximately 20 minutes early to your rehearsal, so we can take temperatures and fill out mandatory safety forms. You should also plan to be picked up promptly after rehearsals! No students are to linger or hang out after band. This allows us to keep our numbers as needed with the restrictions.

Please take a look at the Return to Play Document and watch the video provided by Mr. Savage. These resources are extremely important to our success and safety.

Mandatory Safety Forms

These will be filled out by a staff member at the start of each rehearsal. If a student provides a “red answer” they will be immediately sent home. Parents – please help us by monitoring this before sending students to rehearsals.


If inclement weather is expected, rehearsal will be cancelled via Remind, Twitter, and will be posted on the band website. Please be sure to subscribe to all of these platforms if possible.

Remind for STUDENTS text @chsmbakron to 81010

Remind for PARENTS text @chsmbfam to 81010

Twitter – @chsmbakron

Website – (please enroll in the email alerts)

Things you will need

  1. WATER (this is mandatory for all!!!) – all members are required to have 64 ounces of water with them… if you don’t, YOU WILL BE SENT HOME! LABEL YOUR WATER BOTTLES and NO SHARING OF WATER is permitted.
  2. Masks – these MUST be warn to and from rehearsals, it is also recommended to wear these when not playing or doing physical activity.
  3. Instruments
  4. Music in Flip Folders with Lyres
  5. Instrument accessories (valve oil, cork grease, mouthpiece spray, etc.)
  6. Tennis Shoes – NO FLIP FLOPS!
  7. Light weight clothing (it gets hot)
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Hand Sanitizer


  1. We will not have access to the building until August 1st.
    1. This means instruments and belongings must go home with you after every rehearsal.
      1. Sousaphones, Mallets, and Battery Percussion will not be required to take instruments home. More information on this will be announced in person.
  2. Restrooms
    1. We WILL have access to restrooms in the stadium. However, it will be limited to one person at a time and should not be used during water breaks.
  3. Sharing equipment and instruments
    1. NOBODY should be touching anyone else’s instrument or equipment.
    1. Equipment such a pit instruments, yard line markers, ladders, etc. will be assigned to specific students and staff. These should only be touched by those people.
    1. You are not allowed to share valve oil, cork grease, reeds, etc.
  4. Social Distancing
    1. Our drill is being written with appropriate social distancing in mind. Please be sure to do your part in social distancing during water breaks, to and from practice, with the bathroom guidelines, etc.

Sanitizing Equipment

Students will be responsible for sanitizing and cleaning their own instruments regularly. Sanitization time will be incorporated into rehearsals as needed for equipment such as ladders, speakers/metronome, mallets, etc.

Thank you for all of your support and patience during these uncertain times. We know that this isn’t ideal for anyone, but plan on making this season our best yet! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Welker via email at: or

Again, please be sure to review everything listed at the bottom of this announcement.

Thank you!

Mr. Welker and Miss Kinsey


Video from Mr. Savage:

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