End of Year Updates

Seniors – grades have officially closed and you are done with high school band! Congrats to you on a wonderful HS music career!

Underclassmen – keep those assignments coming in and get yourself caught up if you’re behind. Your grades are due by Wednesday!

Marching band – with stuff starting to reopen, I am receiving more questions about summer band. As of right now, I don’t know any more than I did a few weeks ago. However, I am starting to feel a little more hopeful! 🤞

I will be posting show music to the website within the next week! Please start looking over this and to ahead of the music. Even if we do return, I wonder how much will be limited. I want us to be able to have the most success possible with everything going on!

I am also in the process of hiring our assistant director for the year. Many great applications have been submitted! Your hard work and success over the years has opened up our applicant pool to new levels. I’m very excited about these candidates and believe you’ll learn a lot from them!

Color guard – we have started to receive questions about how Guard and auditions will work for this year. No final decisions have been made on the audition process. We will keep you in the loop when we know more!

Percussion auditions – much like guard, there is no set process. However, percussionists are all members of the marching band and are enrolled in the band classes. We can sort our part assignments when we get closer to getting back together. In the past we have assigned parts and made changes as needed. If we need to do that this year, we will! Being a part of an ensemble again is Goal 1! 😜

Peach Bowl – as mentioned before, we are waiting on the NCAA to make their final decisions in mid-June about what will happen. When I receive any updates from them or the travel company, I will let you know. Thanks for your patience!

Continue to stay healthy and practice your instruments. Weeks and days away from your instrument make coming back to it much harder. A person who stops running and then tries to run a marathon will not be successful… same goes for playing.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will continue to keep you up to date on any changes or adjustments to our schedule. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and enjoy your summer!

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