*UPDATE* Concert Band Auditions

Due to some concerns with the Zoom App (video/sound quality, internet connections, etc.) and newly scheduled staff meetings for next week, we will be doing our auditions differently.

Auditions will be submitted to Mr. Welker by VIDEO. These videos should be setup so I can see you and your instrument. Most students just set their camera/phone on the music stands while performing. If this is not an option for you, please ask a family member to help you record. There are no excuses for not being able to record or send videos. Videos will be due to me by NEXT FRIDAY – May 1st at 1pm.

The auditions materials are:

All 12 Major Scales (for current HS students) – played at quarter note = 98

Bb Concert, Eb Concert, Ab Concert, and F Concert (for current 8th graders) – played at quarter note = 98

Scale Skills Exercise (attached at bottom) – played at quarter note = 98

“Sight Reading” Piece (attached at bottom) – played at quarter note = 80

Please do not use the metronome in your recordings! I want to hear you maintain/keep/know time and tempo without it.

Videos will be submitted to me by EMAIL at: coventryhsbands@gmail.com. Make the SUBJECT of you email: Audition – First and Last Name. An example would be: Audition – Aaron Welker. This subject will help me track everyone’s recordings. Keep in mind I will be receiving over 100 emails and videos, so I would really appreciate attention to detail! If you want to submit your audition video early… PLEASE DO! 🙂

As mentioned before, these auditions are for anyone who is planning on being in a CHS concert band (or marching band) next school year. The audition process allows the band staff to understand the level of music each ensemble is capable of, initial chair placement, and helps with part assignments for marching band. If you do not have your instrument at home because you share an instrument with someone or because you are a percussionist, your auditions will be held over the summer during the summer rehearsals. Failure to complete this audition (with the exception of those listed above) will automatically place you in a lower position than those who took the time to complete the process.

For those of you who missed a sign up time or have forgotten your time, this new audition process should help you! Please spread the word to your peers about this new process. I have sent emails to all current HS band member and 8th graders. I am hoping nobody misses out on receiving this!

Thank you again for you flexibility as we navigate through difficult times and circumstances. I apologize for any inconvenience this new process has caused, but I want to be sure we get the best representation of you and your playing.

Best of luck in your final preparations! I am looking forward to watching your videos! 🙂

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