Last Week of Summer Update

We hope everyone has had an enjoyable and relaxing summer so far!  Here is some information to get you prepared for marching band this summer:

1.  A friendly reminder that marching band rehearsals begin on Monday, July 15, at 8:00a.  Please be in your the theater with instruments and music by 7:55a.  Do not walk in the door at 7:59a. and expect a positive outcome.  Please note that summer rehearsals are NOT optional.  If you are not there (and haven’t previously emailed Mr. Welker about a vacation), your spot will be given to someone who is there and on time.

2.  A reminder that uniform fittings will take place next week after rehearsals. Seniors will be on Monday – July 15, Juniors on Tuesday – July 16, Sophomores on Wednesday – July 17, and Freshman  on Thursday – July 18. Students should plan to stay after on their assigned day to get measured and sized into their uniform for the season. These dates and times have been on the website for months. Be sure you are there!

3.  If you have lost touch with your instrument, now is a great time to reconnect with it and reintroduce yourself.  The better you sound on Monday, the more pleasant all of our lives (including yours) will be. Most of Monday’s rehearsal will be a music rehearsal. You don’t want to come to a 4 hour rehearsal having not played your instrument in months.

4.  Bring all music, instruments, flip folders, and lyres.  We will be outside for part of the first day (not long but some).  Leadership team, check in with your sections to make sure your members have what they need.  Do not show up on Monday without these items! We will have very few extra copies of music on hand. Most music was distributed at the end of last year… hopefully you didn’t misplace it! If you did, find it on the Marching Band Page and print yourself copies. The staff is not responsible for lost or damaged music.

5.  Wear comfortable SHOES.  No flip flops, sandals, crocs, etc. are permitted at marching band rehearsals. We recommend breaking in your band shoes throughout the summer as well.

6.  We will give you water breaks each hour.  It is YOUR responsibility to bring water jugs, etc.  You will not have time to run inside to use the drinking fountain… bring your water to the field with you!

7.  Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!  Marching Band rehearsals are not the place to “get your tan on”. Sunburns are NOT an excused absence. If you haven’t ventured outside of your home since June 1st, start spending sometime outside to get acclimated to the heat.  Wear lots of bright/light colors, shorts, hats, etc. to rehearsals.  Try to avoid black, jeans, hoodies, and other heavy items that will make you feel warmer.

8.  Remember that all music performed on the field needs to be memorized. This includes all pregame charts and music for PATHOS. All music will need to be memorized before the end of summer! Ask members of your sections about some tips and tricks to help get music memorized. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!!

9. Our staff works extremely hard to keep all members of our band family informed and up to date. Please be sure to enroll in all of our alerts (text, email, band parent Facebook page), sync the calendar to your device, and look at our website frequently. Most questions you may have can be answered by browsing our webpage.

10.  Practice. Practice. Practice.

We are so excited to see everyone again! It is going to be another fantastic season!

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