Instruments Storage Room – Please Read

Hello Parents and Students:
It has been brought to my attention that many students have had their belongings tampered with in the Instrument Storage Room. Items have gone missing or instruments have been damaged. 

I am sending this message to make you aware of the situation not to induce panic!

The office is aware of the issue and we are working to resolve the issues that keep occurring. 

For now, it might be wise to send your student to school with a lock to put on their band locker. I will do my part to “police” the instrument room during class changes, but I cannot always be in there. 

I’m sure that these issues are being caused by just a few individuals, and that is an absolute shame. I plan to address these concerns during class today, but that only gets so far (as I have discussed it before). I do ask that you have a conversation with your students about keeping their integrity with one another. Also remind them that we are a band family and hurting your family member by breaking their instrument or stealing and accessory is wrong. 

From here on if students are caught messing with belongings that are not theirs, I will be notifying the office and they’ll be handling it with whatever disciplinary action they see fit. 

Again, I am sorry to present you with this information. I just want what is best for our band members and I want to be sure that there isn’t any foul play. 

Have a wonderful day and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
Thank you for your time,

Mr. Welker

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