Louisville Results

Hello Everyone!

I am sending you this email today with a huge smile on my face. The CHSMB had an awesome performance last night and the band staff could not be more proud! It was by far their best performance of the year (so far).

At the end of the night when the ratings were tallied and results came in the band ended up with an Excellent Rating (the second highest possible score). The best part is… we were just 2 points away from the highest rating and have two more chances to earn that rating (at Perkins and New Philly).

The point break down was as follows:

Music Judge #1 = II (excellent rating)

Music Judge #2 = II (excellent rating)

Percussion Judge = II (excellent rating)

Visual Performance Judge = II (excellent rating)

Visual Effect Judge = II (excellent rating)

General Effect Judge #1 = I (superior rating)

General Effect Judge #2 = I (superior rating)

Totaling a grand total of 12 points! We needed a total 10 points or lower to qualify for state finals. So we are SOOOOOO close! These scores are almost unheard of on a first ever marching competition. I am sure you can understand why we are so thrilled. AND… we will get those points at one of our two remaining shows 😉

Our new color guard was also well represented last night! Color guard is judged in their own separate category that doesn’t go into the overall point total but they received a II (excellent rating) from each of their judges. These girls have never spun a flag, have never done choreography, and have never been in a marching band until this past July. This is also EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE!

Anyways… I won’t take up any more of your Sunday. I just wanted to share these exciting results with everyone.

We will be traveling up to Perkins HS on October 8th if anyone would like to come up and support us! We had a wonderful showing of support last night!!! There were tons of Comet fans with signs, cheers, and things I probably didn’t notice because I don’t always observe everything. Haha!

Have a wonderful day and thank you again for your continued support of the band program!

– Aaron

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