Louisville Show

We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the show tomorrow. Here is some valuable information for everyone…

  1. We perform at 7pm in the Louisville HS Stadium. The event starts at 5pm.
  2. Doors will open at 3:45pm. Students should be in seats for attendance at 4:20pm. Buses roll at 4:30pm. DO NOT BE LATE!!!
  3. Tickets for the show cost $6 for adults and are $4 for students (grades 1-12).
  4. We HIGHLY encourage everyone to attend. The students have been working very hard in preparation for this big event. Please feel free to come (and cheer while we are taking the field and in between songs). The kids feed off of energy and they judges like that too 😉

We are anticipating bad weather for tomorrow night. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen! If there are any issues with weather please know that there is a plan in place. Students will move into either Louisville HS or MS for protection and wait out the storms (thunder and/or lightning). If it rains… the show must go on! 🙂

Audience members should plan on taking cover in their vehicles if weather moves in. We ask that you do this, as you won’t be able to come into the buildings with the students.

In the unlikely chance the the whole show is cancelled due to weather place check the Remind messages throughout the day or stay tuned to the website. If you are not signed up for remind text number 81010 and in the text box type @chsmbakron.

Thank you for your support!!! We try to keep everyone up to date on announcements as much as we can. But there is some information that is verbally relayed to the students. Encourage your students to share any and all band related information with you as they receive it.

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