Summer Annoucement

1.  A friendly reminder that Full Marching Band Rehearsals begin a week from Monday (7.25.16), at 8:00 AM.  Please be in the MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND ROOM and ready to play at 7:55AM (do not walk in the door at 7:59 and expect a positive outcome)!  Due to the construction in the district, we will be having ALL of our summer rehearsals/functions at the Middle School.

Rookies and Leadership Team Members: DO NOT forget about Rookie Camp on Thursday (7.21)!!!

2.  Please note that summer rehearsals are not optional! If you are not there (and haven’t previously emailed Mr. Welker about a vacation or conflicts), your spot will be given to someone who is there.

3.  Bring ALL music, instruments, flip folders, and lyres.  We will be outside for part of Monday.

Music and charts/coordinates can be found on the Marching Band Page. If you ever lose your music and/or drill information, print it off from the website. Nobody should ever come to rehearsal without these things!!!

4.  Wear comfortable gym shoes.  NO flip flops or sandals are permitted!!!

It’s a good idea to wear your brand new marching band shoes to some rehearsals so you can break them in before the season starts. However, you MUST keep these shoes clean!

5. Clothing is another thing you should keep in mind…

Marching band rehearsals are school functions so you MUST follow the school dress code!!! However, it will get hot! Jeans and hoodies for summer rehearsals are usually not wise choices. Athletic clothing is always nice because it allows you to move and it is breathable!

6.  We will give you water breaks each hour.  It is YOUR responsibility to bring water jugs (Walmart usually sells them for around $5 – $10).  We WILL NOT be providing water and you WILL NOT have time to run inside to use the drinking fountain…bring your water to the field with you!  The forecast is looking HOT, so come prepared!

7. SUNSCREEN!!! Sunscreen will be your friend throughout these summer rehearsals. Please wear it and reapply it as needed! It might be wise to buy some as a section and share it.

8. If there is ever a question about schedules and information regarding rehearsals/performances please reference the website first. Our Schedule of Events Page is always up to date. You can even sync this schedule to your smart phone! Yay technology!!! If for some reason you can’t find the answer to your question on the Schedule, please contact Mr. Welker (

9. Forms: need to be completed and turned in by July 29th. Please reference the Marching Band Page for a list of forms that need to be completed. It might be wise to complete these before coming to rehearsal on Monday… that way you don’t forget them throughout the week!

All Band Fees ($160) need to be mailed in to the PO Box. If we don’t get these fees turned in we will be unable to order marching shoes and have food for Band Camp. That will make for some sadness!

Pay To Play Fees ($25) will be collected by the Main Office at the HS once school starts.

10.  No complaining!!!  Only smiles on Monday (and for the remainder of the season).  We will have as successful a year as your attitudes permit! Keep in mind our new uniforms, new building, newly added color guard, BIGGER BAND (115 this year!) and the excitement of competitions/games! It’s going to be an AWESOME season!!!



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