***Important Announcements***

Hello Everyone:

I just wanted to take the time to send out a list of announcements. Please be sure to read through this post careful, as it contains important information!

  1. All Coventry Local Schools will be closed on Thursday – October 15th. Due to the schools being closed, there will be no marching band practice!
  2. Call time for this Friday is 5:30pm. Buses will leave CHS at 5:45pm. We have been receive A LOT of questions regarding call time for events (mostly games). If you have a question about call time, please check the Schedule of Events Page. All call times are listed on the individual events.
  3. Students should plan to wear their Treble Clef Shirt under their uniform this week. If students want to layer their clothing to stay warm that is perfectly acceptable. Please make sure layers are thin! There should be no jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts, or anything thick under the band uniform. If students wear thick items they can destroy the uniform and will make the students look bulky.
  4. We are planning on having a Post-Game Show next Friday (10.23.15). Please plan on sticking around to see our performance! It’ll be one to remember!
  5. Next Saturday (10.24.15) from 10am – 5pm is our First Annual CHSMB Mattress Sale in the CHS Theater. This sale has the potential to earn the band program lots and lots of money! Other schools who have participated in this sale have earned anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 in ONE day! You should have received self addressed letter with information regarding the sale. It has been brought to my attention that some people have received a letter advertising other sales (such as Perry High School). I have informed the company on their clerical error and they are very sorry that some people received a letter for another school! Please help the band by sharing the information on OUR sale with anyone you know. The only way we will make money is if we get people to come in and purchase mattresses! We will also be looking for some parents to help out with the sale. Students will be placed at intersections around the community to help advertise and we need some adults who are willing to help supervise. Please help if you can!
  6. The marching band has started to prepare the final show of the season. We are VERY excited to present a Halloween themed show for Senior Night! Parents, we need your help to make sure all students are working on their music for their new show. They need to have this memorized by the end of next week. Please encourage your students to put in some extra practice time. We hope to see you all on October 30th to send our Class of 2016 off with some of their fondest memories of high school.
  7. Mrs. Bramlett is hard at work preparing the Annual Craft Fair. We need to start getting some students/parents signed up to help out with the Craft Fair. If you are interested, please let us know! Everyone should have received a Craft Fair Packet. If you have not, please ask you student where it is!
  8. There have been some questions regarding the NYC Trip for the Spring. Our trip will be from March 11-13 (Friday – Sunday). Students will be missing school on Friday and will be responsible for any work that they miss! The overall cost of the trip will be somewhere around $500. We still do not have an exact price but please plan to pay around $500. We are looking forward to an awesome getaway!!!
  9. Finally, there are still a great deal of people who owe money for Band Fees. We need to get these fees turned in IMMEDIATELY! If you have a question on whether or not your fees have been paid, please contact us. Letters will be going home within the next few weeks regarding unpaid fees. If your fees are not up to date, you’ll be unable to make the first deposit for the NYC Trip and in return will be unable to go on the trip. Please don’t have this be you or your child!

Thank you for taking the time to read this email! If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Welker at coventryhsbands@gmail.com. THANK YOU!!!

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